with Adam Sommer

Yoga with Una Viggiani

Nourishing foods from Chris Corl

Joyful Journey Hot Springs, Colorado

Wednesday, May 16 – Sunday, May 20, 2018



The next chapter of the Exploring Astrology Retreat with Adam Sommer will focus on the nature of cycles. This retreat occurs during a special alignment of the synodic cycles of Mars and Venus! Mars will be gearing up for his rarest retrograde this Summer and Venus will be watching on from the evening sky and preparing for her own deep retrograde dive in the Fall. This planetary arrangement will serve as the perfect dramatic backdrop for this long weekend of astrology, yoga and healthy eating retreat under the stars of the San Luis Valley, Colorado.

Facilitated by Adam Sommer, Exploring Astrology is a popular and recurring retreat. Students and fans of Adam’s are welcome – as are any other open minds with a love of the stars! Anyone interested in taking their practice of Astrology to the next level is encouraged to attend. This retreat is a full immersion into Astrology and combines the essential elements of yoga, qigong, natural hot springs, and wide open skies. This tri-force experience will enhance each day and night and bring conversation and yogic practice to new heights!

The bulk of this retreat will be spent engaging in Astrology Circles, which is Adam’s prefered way of teaching. Adam presents on a given topic while we share stories, look at participants charts, ask questions, search for answers, laugh and learn. There will be 5 circles at the retreat that focus on:

  1. An Intro into Synodic Cycles and Lunar Cycles
  2. Mars Cycles Collectively
  3. Mars Cycles in the Natal Chart
  4. Venus Cycles Collectively
  5. Venus Cycles in the Natal Chart

This is all levels event.  Don’t be discouraged if you know nothing about Astrology.  This retreat is for anyone interested in taking their practice of Astrology to the next level. You will learn just by coming and being immersed in this vibrant Astro – Community. By the end of the weekend, your relationship to Astrology will be reinvigorated and your understanding of Cycles and the living sky will be expanded.

Many of Adam’s previous students and apprentices will be present to assist and offer readings. The retreat creates a safe space to integrate our bodies, our minds, and our spirits with Astrology.  With yoga and qi gong, titillating conversation, fires, and the sacred valley with those healing waters, it’s bound to be quite the environment for interstellar transmissions.


DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATIONJoyful Journey Hot Springs, Colorado
DEPARTURE TIMEWednesday, May 16, 2018 Check in at 4 pm
RETURN TIMESunday, May 20, 2018 Check out at 10 am
WEARComfortable yoga clothing, hiking boots, hat, jacket, swimsuit, slippers, robe, sunscreen.
  • 4 nights accommodations at Joyful Journey Hot Springs
  • 3 catered meals a day
  • Daily body practices of yoga and qigong
  • 5 Astrology Circles facilitated by Adam
  • Opportunity to connect with Adam and his students from around the world
  • Unlimited soaking in Joyful Journey’s mineral waters
  • Community of astrophiles to talk Astrology with
  • The transformation you’ve been dreaming up
  • Travel to and from Joyful Journey Hot Springs
  • Spa treatments
  • Local excursions
  • Access to Adam’s Patreon
  • Nature walk
  • Star gazing
  • Readings with Adam’s Apprentices
RETREAT PRICING (see ROOM tab at top of page for more information)
  • Single Room: $1225
  • Double Rooms: $1025
  • Single Yurt: $1125
  • Double Yurt: $950
  • Triple Yurt: $900
  • Quad Yurt: $895
  • Bring Your Own RV with Electricity: $975
  • Bring Your Own RV no Electricity: $900
  • Single Tipi: $795
  • Bring Your Own Tent Camping: $850

Additional information

roomBYO Tent, double room, Double Yurt, Quad Yurt, RV no Electricity, RV with Electricity, Single Room, Single Yurt, Tipi – Single, Triple Yurt

Wednesday, May 16

  • Check In at 4pm
  • Welcome Circle
  • Dinner
  • Stargaze waters

Thursday, May 17 – Saturday, May 19

  • Yoga / Qigong
  • Breakfast
  • Astrology Circle
  • Dinner
  • Astrology Circle
  • Stargaze waters

Sunday, May 20th

  • The Dream Circle
  • Breakfast
  • Check out and depart by 11 am


Joyful Journey Hot Springs

To allow the benefits of our mineral hot springs healing water and therapies to awaken the hearts and uplift the spirits of all who come.

Many come here for the curative powers of the healing water, others for the clean peaceful energy that seems to permeate the area. One can sense joyful vibrations here, thus: Joyful Journey Hot Springs. We invite you to come and experience this wonderful sacred area sheltered beneath the towering Sangre de Cristo Mountains. At an elevation of 7700 feet on the valley floor, we enjoy cool summers and sunny winters, as well as spectacular views of the 14,000 foot peaks of the Sangre De Cristo Wilderness to the east. Joyful Journey Hot Springs Spa offers a wide variety of Spa Treatments including therapeutic and deep tissue massage, raindrop and hot stone therapy, aromatic facials, natural body wraps, reflexology treatments and more. The hot springs water is 100% artesian mineral water which comes out of the ground at over 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The pools are gravity fed and naturally kept at temperatures between 98 and 110 degrees.


Although the water rises from the travertine springs at between 120 and 145 degrees we maintain our pools between 98 and 108 degrees. The water is a sodium bicarbonate type with significant levels of boron, calcium, lithium and magnesium along with several other beneficial minerals.

Native American elders and spiritual masters from the Crestone area consider this area on the west side of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains as one of the most sacred and energetically active places in North America. It is said that the water here is encoded with the energy of the earth from which it rises. Perhaps then, this water indeed is unique and special among all the hot springs of the state.

Lithium, noted for its calming effects, is reportedly also able to influence distribution of sodium and potassium. Boron is recognized for its benefits to brain function, the immune system, bones and joints.

Joyful Journey is one of the few places on earth with natural hot mineral water that does not have the “sulfur odor” that is often found in many hot mineral springs. The 98°F pool is perfect temperature for those with low tolerance of hot water and you still get the benefit of the minerals. The 108°F is perfect temperature for arthritis, joint and muscle issues.


Adam Sommer is an astrologer.  One who is dedicated to augmenting your experience of astrology through playful words, inspiring podcasts, and hopefully, life changing readings as well.  He has been practicing professionally for nearly a decade,  working with clients and students all over this beautiful world. Trained and certified by Maurice Fernandez, he has used this sturdy foundation to explore many other branches of the astrology tree—like Jyotish, Evolutionary, Archetypal, and Traditional forms—but likes to find himself sitting beneath the tree, not solely hanging from the branches.  By borrowing from many traditions and applying the techniques in his own life and the countless clients he has worked with, he has stumbled into what he calls, “Kosmognosis:” A direct and alive relationship with the cosmos—up there and in here—which infinitely informs the participant with the most unique strain of wisdom.



Joyful Journey Hot Springs resort has two styles of accommodations in order to meet all your needs. All retreat accommodations include access to the hot springs, usage of Joyful Journey’s bath house, and complimentary robes and towels.

Resort Indoor Rooms

Hotel rooms are available for single or double occupancy.



Yurts are free standing structures on the grounds of the resort. Single, double, triple and quad occupancy are available. Includes usage of shared outdoor bathroom.

adam sommer yoga astrology retreat

Bring Your Own RV & Tent Camping

Bring your own gear and stay on the beautiful grounds overlooking the San Luis Valley. Includes usage of shared outdoor bathroom access to the hot springs, usage of Joyful Journey’s bath house, and complimentary robes and towels.



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