The Power of Purpose Retreat 

With Shigeko Leveque

Amansala, Tulum, Mexico

Sunday May 6 – Friday May 11, 2018 

Special Pricing! 1st 12 people to sign up By Jan 7th  get $200 off!


Each one of us has a very unique gift like a bright jewel. The purpose of life is to share your special light. Sometimes the light of the jewel can become dulled by the drudgery of daily life, of work and of responsibilities. The beauty of this retreat is that it will give you the opportunity to connect with your essential nature. Immerse yourself in the vibrant and healing environment of Tulum’s fishbowl clear ocean water, soft sand, and rich jungle. Experience your true self through daily meditation, yoga, healthy eating, and being in nature. Get in touch with who you are and your own potential of power, knowledge, deep silence, perfect balance, invincibility, simplicity, and bliss! Once you have access to your essential nature you can define or redefine your life’s purpose.

When you have clarity to your life’s purpose, life can become more meaningful and joyful in every way. You will come away from this retreat ready to shine your light and brighten the world.

Experiencing this with like minds will be more significant than you can imagine because you will have a new support system of friends and allies. We will have follow up webinars to continue the discovery, connection and magic experienced on this retreat!

RETREAT START:Sunday May 5 – Arrive and settle by 3pm.
RETREAT ENDS:Friday May 11 – Checkout and Depart by 12 noon.
WEARComfortable and casual beach and retreat attire.
  • 5 nights accommodations at beachfront yoga resort
  • 3 healthy meals a day
  • Daily yoga with Shigeko
  • Daily meditations with Shigeko
  • Opening and Closing Circles
  • A copy of the 7 Spiritual Laws of Success
  • Life Path Astrology Consultation with Una






  • Flights to / from Cancun (CUN)
  • Airport Transfers
  • Extra Activities
  • Spa Services
  • 1 night out to dinner



  • Bike Ride to the Mayan Ruins of Tulum
  • Visit a Freshwater Swimming Pool (Cenote)
  • Spa Treatments to the sound of ocean waves



Additional information

Garden Basico Shared$1775
Garden Basico Private$2,475
Garden Plus Shared$1,895
Garden Plus Private$2,475
Garden Triple Room$2,975
Double Room$2,075
Double Beachfront Room$2,275
Semi Sea View King Shared$2,075
Semi Sea View King Private$2,595
Beachview King Shared$2,150
Beachview King Private$2,775
Best Beachfront King Shared$2,275
Best Beachfront King Private$2950
roomDouble, Single

Sunday May 5th

  • Arrive and Check in by 4pm
  • Opening Circle / Yoga
  • Dinner


  • Yoga / Meditation / Activity
  • Breakfast
  • Free Time
  • Lunch
  • Free TIme
  • Yoga / Meditation / Activity
  • Dinner

Friday May 11th

  • Yoga
  • Breakfast
  • Checkout and Depart by noon



Amansala is more like staying at a friend’s beach house.

AMANSALA offers relaxed eco chic accommodation like no other boutique hotel in Tulum. Rooms are spacious, with attention to detail throughout. The restaurant serves fresh fish, local produce and the tastiest mango margaritas in the Riviera Maya. If you are looking to get away from it all, look no further for us for your beachfront holiday in Mexico.

We always use fresh seasonal produce. Our menus are designed to nourish and cleanse. Plenty of fresh fruit & vegetables with enough protein to keep you powering in class.

The low fat diet consists of all local chemical free food. Fresh caught grilled fish,organic chicken, fresh fruit such as mango, papaya, and pineapple. A variety of delicious signature salads that incorporate jicama, pumpkin seeds, and chia and leave you satisfied, yet lighter and cleaner.

So delicious. So healthy.

 Tulum, Mexico

Tulum is located approximately 2 hrs south on the coast from Cancun. Famous for the spectacular Mayan ruins located on the cliffs of Tulum, it is a relatively undiscovered Caribbean paradise with pristine beaches and clear turquoise waters.

The Riviera Maya offers endless possibilities to choose from: tranquil sea coves and bays to rougher more open ocean; transparent lagoons and mysterious water springs with landmarks and vestiges of a culture thousands of years old; or the world’s second longest reef which stretches from Quintana Roo to Honduras. There are a variety of beach and water sports to choose from, with places offering all the infrastructure and services you need. Or you could take full advantage of your get away and simply relax on the beach to the ever-present rhythm of the waves.




Book your own Round Trip Tickets to / from Cancun (CUN).

Plan to arrive in the afternoon of the first day and depart of the afternoon evening of the last day.

Airport Transfers

Airport transportation can be arranged through Amansala. Plan on spending at least $50 each way, however this can vary based on others arrivals times. We will attempt to match up people to share rides and costs.

Shigeko Leveque

Shigeko (She Gekko – Female Gekko) is unique just like her name. She was born and raised in Japan by unique parents. Her architect father is devoted to building earth friendly houses and her nutritionist mother is devoted to healing foods. They never forced her to study or be a top athlete; they just wanted her to be ‘KIND and COMPASSIONATE’ to others. She started practicing Yoga in 2000 to improve her flexibility for Martial Arts (she holds 2 second degree black belts in Tae Kwon Do and Japanese Kenpo) and the journey continues. Shigeko is a nutritionist and Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance and she has been teaching various styles of Yoga at her own studio, Denver local studios, and Denver Police Department.  ‘Movement’ brings her to her heart center. She welcomes everyone with an open heart and helps students to feel the inner minds touching their entire bodies. For more information, please visit her website @

Shigeko’s classes are thoughtful and creative, connected by simple but powerful themes around love, trust, and openness. She helped me understand that yoga truly is about the breath, the spirit, and the soul, and that we are merely using our physical bodies to access a deeper connection to the intangible. She is a trusted teacher and guide, is a gift that keeps on giving. The world is a much better place for it as a result. Thanks, Shigeko for everything. – Jason




Best Beachfront King Private = $2,950
Best Beachfront King Shared = $2,275
Beachview King Private = $2,775
Beachview King Shared = $2,150
Semi Sea View King Private = $2,595
Semi Sea View King Shared = $2,075
Bed in a Double Beachfront Room = $2,275
Bed in a Double Room = $2,075
Bed in a Garden Triple Room = $1,975
Garden Plus Private = $2,475
Garden Plus Shared = $1,895
Garden Basico  Private = $2,295
Garden Basico  Shared = $1,775

Tour Reviews

June 27, 2017

AMANSALA offers relaxed eco chic accommodation like no other boutique hotel in Tulum. Rooms are spacious, with attention to detail throughout. The restaurant serves fresh fish, local produce and the tastiest mango margaritas in the Riviera Maya. If you are looking to get away from it all, look no further for us for your beachfront holiday in Mexico.

June 29, 2017

By taking yoga instruction from Shigeko, I feel I have been graced with good fortune again. Her approach is honest and intelligent. Her personality is caring and nurturing. Her classes are amazing. If you follow her instruction, you might improve your body. If you listen to her message, you might change your mind. If the experience changes your outlook, it might affect your soul. Body, mind and soul – a total experience with Shigeko Yoga. – Jeff

June 29, 2017

I always felt stiffness in my back when I woke in the morning, and also when playing soccer. Since I started working with Shigeko the stiffness started going away and it makes it easier to train and play soccer. My play has improved and has become even more dynamic and smooth. The session is always relaxing and mindful and some of the techniques are easy to do on my own. So, I’ve been doing them as supplementals for my profession. Her approach is so wonderful that I always look forward to her sessions. – Shintaro Harada, Professional Soccer Player Midfielder @ Colorado Springs Swthbacks FC

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