With Dr. Katy Jane


Tuesday October 3 – Saturday October 14, 2017


Make A Pilgrimage To The Heart Of India And Return With Inner Peace, Spiritual Growth And A Clarified Life Purpose.

Enjoy 12 nights /13 days of inner focus, adventure & soul renewal in the Indian Himalayas with Sanskrit scholar, Vedic Astrologer and yogini, Dr. Katy Jane.

There’s something life-transforming about returning to the birthplace of yoga. Just entering a potently charged environment—with a rich and unbroken spiritual lineage—awakens an elevated way of seeing yourself and life purpose. This is the value of pilgrimage: to give you a new vision.

The original yogis did just that. They left society behind to seek emotional, mental and spiritual clarity in India’s most potent place for transformation—the Himalayas. For this reason, these holy mountains are known as “dev-bhumi,” the abode of the gods.

We invite you to follow in their footsteps to discover the roots of your practice and elevate your life vision. It’s time to turn off your devices, unplug from your routine and tune into your natural rhythm—and partake in a rare experience of traditional Indian Himalayan yoga in its birthplace.

Picture your days following the path of the sun with early morning sunrise yoga, meditation and Sanskrit chanting. And imagine meditating at a power vortex—a “seat of Shakti”—and releasing your limited beliefs.

Enjoy meandering the flower-strewn paths at Dunagiri Retreat followed by a scrumptious locally-sourced breakfast.

Join Dr. Katy Jane in lively discussions of Vedic Astrology, yoga philosophy and local lore, which after lunch come alive in visits with yoga masters, local temples, ashrams, forests and mountain paths.

Then finally release your stress with the peace of sunset while meditating, chanting and offering ārti in our pyramid mediation hall. Dinner never tasted so good. Sleep never felt so blissful


DEPARTURE TIMETue, Oct 3, 2017 2:00pm
RETURN TIMESat, Oct 14, 2017 3:00pm
WEARComfortable clothing, hiking boots, hat, jacket sunscreen, warm layers.
  • 4 nights accommodations at a hotel in Delhi for arrival and departure
  • 8 nights accommodations at Dunagiri Retreat Center in the Himalayas
  • Transportation to from Delhi Airport
  • All organic, locally-sourced, “farm-to-table” meals
  • Daily Sunrise yoga, meditation & Sanskrit chanting
  • Daily lecture with Katy on Vedic astrology, yoga philosophy & local lore
  • Daily outings to sacred sites including ashrams, temples, primeval forests & holy mountains.
  • Evening meditation, chanting & arti
  • Visit to traditional Himalayan family village
  • All tips & gratuities
Optional Activities That Can Be Added At Cost: 
  • Massage/Spa services

Day 1 – (Tuesday Oct 3)
Arrive Delhi

Day 2 – (Wednesday Oct 4)
Explore Delhi – time for rest, shopping and optional tour of India’s capital city.
Two nights at Hotel Madhuban

Day 3 – (Thursday Oct 5)
Travel to Dunagiri Retreat via train and private jeep.
Arrival ceremony

Day 4 – (Friday Oct 7) through Day 10 – (Thursday Oct 12)

Sunrise yoga, meditation & Sanskrit chanting
Free Time
Lectures with Dr Katy
Free Time
Afternoon outings
Evening meditation, chanting & arti

Day 11 – (Friday Oct 13)
Reintegration and Return: Travel back to New Delhi

Day 12 – (Saturday Oct 14)
Depart Delhi for Home


Dunagiri Retreat Center

Like most places in the world, India has been modernized globalized and turned into a business. Most of the true teachings have been lost….. BUT this is why Dunagiri is such a special place!

Tucked away in the remote foothills of the eastern Himalayas, Dunagiri is a śakti-pītḥa—a “seat of divine feminine power.” That means the place itself has the power to transform your life.

For ages yogis have sought out Dunagiri as an ideal location to practice yoga and meditation. Far from the “usual” spots like Rishikesh that are overrun with tourists, it’s a secret and sacred location that’s been revered for centuries by yogis seeking the highest realization.

Set against the highest—and holiest—mountains in the world, the Himalayas, it’s said the atmosphere is so pure here the Vedas themselves were discovered. In the silence of these surroundings, you can still hear the reverberations of the pure sounds of creation—pulsing in the life of trees, mountains and rivers. Just spending a week here will change your life forever.


Dr. Katy Jane

Namaste fellow pilgrim!

I’m so delighted to share with you my life-long love of India. I’ve been traveling, studying and living in India for 25 years. And while I’m still discovering new things about this magnificent culture, I can give you a unique “insider’s” view of India that will help you get the most out of being in the holy land of yoga.

I was led to travel to India after a near-death experience when I was teenager. At such a crucial turning point, I did what all seekers of truth do: I turned within to find it. And I wanted to go to the place where people go to turn within—the Himalayas.

Joseph Campbell calls this turn within, “The Hero’s Journey,” because it takes a lot of courage to look within for the answers to life’s greatest questions: Why am I born? What’s my purpose? What’s the meaning behind my struggles?

My own heroine’s journey led me to Nepal where I first learned yoga and Sanskrit at the home of a Brahmin family with whom I lived for six months. Daily Vedic chanting inspired my academic studies of the Vedic and Yoga traditions, as well as Sanskrit. While earning my doctorate in Religious Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara, I spent five years on Fulbright and Ford Foundation grants learning Sanskrit, yoga and meditation in India.

After completing my Ph.D., I began teaching Sanskrit and yoga philosophy in yoga teacher training programs around the world. And I established a life coaching practice as a Vedic Astrologer helping my clients align with their most authentic calling and change their lives for the better.

Then in 2010 and 2011 I led two pilgrimages to India. The first was to the “four sacred places” (Chardham) all seekers must visit before dying. And the second was to Dunagiri Retreat. I think of these two trips as a death and rebirth.

The Chardham marked a significant end in my life’s journey. But when my feet reached Dunagiri, I started on a new path. In fact, many people who come to Dunagiri describe their life as “pre-Dunagiri” and “post-Dunagiri.” And you will too.

Never in my 25 years of traveling through the length of India had I discovered such a tranquil and sacred place—with such a transformative power. And I can’t wait to share why Dunagiri is India’s “best kept secret” and refuge for yogis, especially when you’re at a turning point in life.



Accommodations at Dunagiri Retreat comprise of 14 rooms located within our estate on five cottages, which are ethnic while being modern. All rooms are luxuriously sized. Minimalist and Zen-like by design, their elegant and unpretentious ambience allows you to connect with the breathtaking surroundings. All rooms feature spectacular native forest and mountain views, and all cottages have a view of Mahavatar Babaji’s cave. Our accommodations are perfect for you to sit with a cup of chai or any one of our herbal teas; to snuggle up with your favourite book; or to gently withdraw from the outer world into your inner being….

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