• Bodhi Tree Bungalow Queen / Twin Shared – $2,696.00
  • Bodhi Tree Bungalow Single King – $3,595.00
  • Bodhi Tree Shared Room Shared Bath – $2,395.00
  • Bodhi Tree Triple Room – $2,150.00

Location: Bodhi Tree

Address: Nosara, Costa Rica


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Live the Life of Your Dreams Retreat 2019

With Patrick Harrington

February 2 - 8, 2019

Take your dreams and bring them into reality!

Ever wanted to live more in alignment with your dreams? Living a life of your dreams is possible. I know because I am doing it! I want to share with you the experience and practices that have made my personal leap into bi-coastal living possible. During this post NYE workshop, you will be transformed by multiple and distinct influences.

  1.     The Nature.
  2.     The Community.
  3.     The Meditation.
  4.     The Nourishment.
  5.     The Schedule.
  6.     The Context.
  7.     The Content.

Throughout the course of human history it has been shown that when a small group, of committed people come together with purpose, the power to manifest becomes infinite.

To know whether this retreat is for you, look through the information below. want to curate a group of game changers that are ready and willing to be vulnerable, become more and support others in doing the same.

This retreat is for:

  1.     People who are ready to take on the next level in their lives.
  2.     People who are ready for a safe, powerful environment to encourage the action towards a dream.
  3.     Those that know that sometimes being uncomfortable is exactly what is needed to go to the next level.
  4.     Those who create good news in the world.
  5.     Entrepreneurs.
  6.     Those that want to behave like entrepreneurs.
  7.     Leaders and those who want to lead.

During this week you will practice:

  1.     Becoming aware of where you are holding back
  2.     Working the muscle of your will power to make powerful, on purpose choices regarding your schedule of self-development and lifestyle.
  3.     Yoga twice a day, combining what you are learning mentally with your body becoming stronger and opening up.
  4.     Eating in a way that feels high-performance both mentally and physically.
  5.     Meditating for short periods, multiple times a day.
  6.     Being clear regarding your future and the willingness to execute on a plan to create it.
  7.     Being a part of a very intentional, temporary community that is focused on launching into 2018 from a resourced, renewed and on purpose state of mind and body.

If the above describes you, then don’t hesitate, sign up and let’s co-create a powerful new year.


Patrick Harrington
Patrick Harrington is living a life that inspires him. A former serial entrepreneur, Patrick once started businesses he thought would earn him enough money to live a life full of meaning and difference making. He was always searching for the means to an end. It wasn’t until yoga teacher training in 2001 that he found a way to combine his love of business with an end in itself. 14 years later, Patrick is the founder-owner of Kindness Yoga, a donation-based collection of studios that hosts scores of teachers and tens of thousands of yoga students annually. Patrick is the father…
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