• Bali Shared – $2,095.00
  • Bali Single – $2,595.00
  • Bali Triple – $1,995.00

Location: Bali


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Release Your Demons: A Yoga, Surf and Cultural Retreat to the Magical Island of Bali

With Carrie Varela and Dr. Johnathan Bloch

April 10 - 19, 2018

Join us for a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the magical island of Bali! Spend 10 days exploring the island of the Gods,and participate in the purification festival of Nyepi, the Balinese New Year and Day of Silence.  Settle into Bali by spending your first 4 days in gorgeous Uluwatu, which is situated on high cliff tops, overlooking stunning views of the Indian Ocean.   Your adventure includes twice daily yoga, picturesque sunsets, Bali’s best beaches, world class surfing and a cultural excursion to the Uluwatu Temple at sunset complete with the infamous cultural Kecak dance.  Purified by the sun, surf and sweat of your yoga practice, we will traverse to central Bali for 5 nights in Ubud.  Here in the cultural heart of the island, prepare to release your demons by witnessing and participating in the spiritual festival of Nyepi. Your time in Ubud includes twice daily yoga sessions, visiting a water purification temple and experiencing the festivities of Nypei. Be wowed by the Ogoh-Ogoh, elaborate hand-crafted, papier mache monsters that locals parade through the streets to lure out evil spirits, and by observing Nyepi, a day of silence which marks the beginning of a new year for the Balinese.  


On this retreat you will use tools and practices meant for transformational growth with a focus on encouraging change in healthy ways. Discover the path to achieve freedom and release whatever it is that challenges you or gets in your own way. You will learn to push your edges, break through ceilings and literally burn your demons away.  Tap into the most sentient peace that can only come after losing your greatest chaos. Make lifelong friends in an intimate container structured for deep healing and transformation, without sacrificing lightheartedness and fun.

This custom retreat includes 4 star accommodation, 3 healthy meals daily, twice daily yoga, meditation, pranayama and/or satsang, 1 surf lesson, a cultural tour to two locations in Bali, 2 temple tours, and experiencing Bali’s largest festival and new year celebration, Nyepi.  Plenty of free time, optional excursions for shopping, art, cooking or dance lessons and concierge in-house tattoos are available by one of Bali’s best artists.



  • 4 nights accommodations in Uluwatu by the beach
  • 5 nights in Ubud the heart of Balinese culture
  • Transfer from Uluwatu to Bali, with 2 hour adventure excursion TBD
  • 3 healthy meals a day
  • Twice Daily yoga, meditation, pranayama and/or satsang
  • Trip to the Uluwatu Temple and Sunset Ceremony
  • Trip to the Water Temple
  • Trip to see Ogoh Ogoh Parade
  • Nyepi – Day of Silence
  • Traditional Balinese Ceremony
  • 1 Surf Lesson

Other options not included in (Uluwatu):

  • More Surfing
  • Concierge in-house tattoo

Other options not included (Ubud)

  • Art, cooking or dance lessons
  • Cultural deepening, museum or palace tour
  • Shopping
  • Concierge in-house tattoo


Carrie Varela
Carrie is a yogi, Reiki Master, mystic, lover, kindness junkie, world traveler and a modern day healer. She is passionate about helping people find good energy. Good energy happens when we are in the flow, connected, inspired, filled with purpose. She is a Reiki Master in the Usui Mikao lineage and certified by the International Center of Reiki Training (ICRT). In 2014, Carrie received the Master Level of Holy Fire Reiki®, a new type of Reiki energy developed by the ICRT. She was initially led to Reiki as a tool for awakening and healing during a time of transition in…
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Dr. Johnathan Bloch
Dr. Jonathan Bloch is a board certified family practitioner and Osteopathic medical doctor.  He is peer rated by 5280 Magazine as one of Denver’s “Top Doctors” and listed as a “World Leader in Healthcare”.  He is Yogi’s Choice Health Care, LLC, a full spectrum medical practice that inspires personal health through integration of mind, body and spiritual practices.   Bloch began studying alternative approaches to health-care during high-school, practicing Qi Gong and martial arts, and learning mindful meditation.  He continued to cultivate an awareness of complementary alternative medical philosophies along side his western medical studies.  He discovered yoga as means…
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