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  • Mar de Jade Dorm Room – $2,095.00
  • Mar de Jade Garden Room Double – $2,495.00
  • Mar de Jade Garden Room Single – $3,075.00
  • Mar de Jade Guest Room Double – $2,295.00
  • Mar de Jade Guest Room Single – $2,800.00
  • Mar de Jade Ocean Room Double – $2,595.00
  • Mar de Jade Ocean Room Single – $3,375.00

Location: Mar de Jade

Address: No.1, Playa Chacala, 63715 Chacala, Nay., Mexico


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The Seat of the Soul Yoga Retreat

With Asiana Harper and Christine Miller

April 14 - 21, 2018

Awaken your senses through this experiential retreat, The Seat of the Soul: An elemental practice of presence. Over seven days, our journey will access the gateways of presence using yoga, breathwork, meditation and intrinsic movement.  Allow the elements of this beautiful location in Chacala, Mexico, to stir the earth, water, fire, air and ether both within our bodies and all around us. This retreat is a fine blend of spiritual and somatic discovery that can reveal a place which is often called the seat of the soul, that point where our inner and outer experience meet.

Each day will begin with the ritual of movement and stillness, to anchor us in the tone of presence. Other activities such as hiking, swimming, dancing and fire ceremony will delve us deeper into synchronization with the biorhythms of nature.  What might we find in the stirring of our watery hearts? Is our path determined by the flame of desire or the tread of connection from sole to earth? Together, we’ll explore these questions and so many more.

The Seat of the Soul is available to all levels of practitioners. This retreat will meet you exactly where you are as a supportive foundation to break through limiting beliefs, to intimately experience the mind-body connection and to provide tools to harness the most powerful portal in all experience: the power of the present moment.



  • 7 nights accommodations
  • 3 meals a day
  • Transportation to/from PVR airport in group shuttle
  • Daily yoga and movement meditation
  • Elemental Playshops
  • Fire circle
  • Taxes and Gratuities


Asiana Harper
Asiana (Kirstin Harper) has always felt a strong connection to the natural elements and how they interact in body, on earth. Growing up in the mountains of Colorado, with wilderness as her backyard, Asiana had constant access to exploring her environment. She recalls climbing trees, sitting in caves, adventuring with the animals and in the forest. All of this engaged her curiosity, and encouraged quietude, as well as agility of her mind and body. It simply made sense that these experiences would bring Asiana into the practices of Yoga and Ayurveda, practices which facilitate a ‘deepening’ into the present moment.…
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Christine Miller
  After managing wellness programs in the corporate healthcare industry, Christine transitioned to teach yoga full time so she could study, practice and promote the most vital relationship of our life… mind and body. Christine is an avid student of all things movement, including yoga, writing and breath. Her classes combine safe alignment, informed by Anusara and SriDaiva studies, creative sequencing and reflective thought. Christine is known for her poetic approach of inviting universal truths into the movement and breath of the collective. She’s created a series of yoga and writing workshops to offer deeper access to the relationship between…
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